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Date : 5. rujna 2020.
Website: : Vidi website
Location : Amfora Restaurant, Obala Stjepana Radića 26, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

           Located near the popular Green Market Gruž, in the heart of the Dubrovnik’s less touristly zone where most locals enjoy their morning coffee, this slightly-on-the-posh side restaurant combines great ingredients and modern cooking to create a memorable dining experience. With stunning and elegant interior along with the service that perfectly balances formality and friendliness, delicious food which commends itself, and if you add their excellent wine list, Amfora becomes something of a favourite both for locals and tourists.
Almost every day, you can find Amfora’s young and prosperous owner walking around the Green Market searching for the best locally grown goodies to use in his kitchen, and don’t be surprised if you find him preparing the food himself, especially their speciality, the Adriatic Bleufin Tuna.

A la Carte Menu

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Call (+385) 20-419-419

Obala S. Radica 26, Dubrovnik, Croatia


*****  Ovdje može biti Vaša reklama *****


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